Stewardship Needs Science

Providing science-based support for sustainable management of plant nutrition.

What we do

Supporting Science

Plant Nutrition Canada provides science support for the fertilizer industry’s efforts to advance nutrient stewardship. We apply, interpret and extend science for sustainable plant nutrition.

Apply Science

We lead, shape and mold concepts and intended implementation pathways for nutrient stewardship

Interpret Science

We explain implications, strengths and limitations of new scientific reports on issues relevant to nutrient stewardship

Extend Science

We educate and inform practitioners on science-based principles underlying agronomic practices relevant to nutrient stewardship


Nutrient Stewardship

Better nutrient stewardship tackles issues of widespread concern, including food security, climate change, and ecosystem health.

Apply Science

The 4R Nutrient Stewardship strategy is broadly accepted. The science is applied in the 4R Plant Nutrition Manual, and recognized by the UN-FAO.

Interpret Science

Science linking plant nutrition practices and sustainability outcomes is interpreted by the Scientific Panel on Responsible Plant Nutrition.

Extend Science

With Fertilizer Canada and the African Plant Nutrition Institute, we extend science for the African 4R Solution.


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